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Research & Discovery The Keystone

In essence, the make-break point of all your marketing is decided right here.

  • Inside Reality
  • Market Analysis
  • Prospect Profling
  • Content Curation
Internal Audit

Differentiate | It Makes You Outstanding

Until you know, really, who you are and what you stand for, your 'why', you cannot effectively express your messages, your value, your uniqueness.

Goals and purposes align everything. Your organizational structure and culture is shaped around this. What is your value proposition, the Valuable Final Product you exchange with your customers? Until this is clearly defined, your communications will be hazy.

The Philosophers Stone

Setting the tone, learning the language of the prospect, discovering the points of differentiation, all lead to finding the 'golden thread', that single factor that runs through all company communication & all messages. This alone is a key differentiator.



Introspection with value that establishes certainty in your identity

Market & Competitor Analysis

Knowing yourself: now find out who and what you are up against, what their moves are, the gaps in the market - your opportunities, where you excel, what threatens your growth and expansion, what

Knowing the key players on the field, their strengths and weaknesses, strategies and market share helps to define your strategy and approach that maximizes your potential and sees your digital marketing elements best utilized. Learn the trends, movers, shakers, thought leaders, opinion leaders, and who is leading the way so as to penetrate the market for maximum results.

The Players

Who are the key players you are up against and what weaknesses and opportunities can you exploit through smart marketing. Know the chessboard well.


Game Plan

Knowing who is on the field doing what matters

Ideal Prospect Profiling

Knowing who you want to do business with, ideally speaking, greatly assists you to refine your tone, language, and marketing messages to suit. Resonation is the keyword here. When you connect, they will know you are talking to them.

The User Experience (UX) begins right here. Knowing the language, the pain points, the needs and wants of your ideal prospect - gives you freedom to express your values, your offering, at the right tone level, in the right language,

Ideally Speaking

Knowing your product and service offering and who you truly want to serve aligns offerings and tempers the language to suit.


Ideal Business

Doing business with those who resonate with your principles and policy connects good staff to good prospects that builds a happy tribe.

Asset 2
Content Curation

How thick or thin is your industry? This determines what information, education, how to's, did You Know's and other interesting and relevant inormation you share with your prospects.

Put the right information in front of your ideal prospects and you win them over. It is a slow process. This is one key way of establishing yourself as an authority. Not only because the info is relevant, but what you share you align with yourself. And this itself is a valuable point.

Thick or Thin

Sharing first establishes the trust factor much needed in building relationships. This is educating, advising, sharing nuggets of information - it is ultimately giving before asking.



Gathering industry wisdom with intent to share empowers, bonds and uplifts the field

Branding The Corporate Identity

With your internal audit thoroughly asessed, you can now shape your brand to resonate with your targets audience. From the outside in, you now express your values.

The essence of who you are is expressed through your identity - it starts with your badge, icon, graphic representation (and there are numerous labels for these) - along with your tagline, and this becomes distinguishable, and ultimately, memorable. Position your brand to win with a brand strategy that helps you understand who you are and how to communicate it in a meaningful way.


More Than Just Products & Services

Much more.

Ability to communicate your value, your differentiation,

Digital Marketing Strategy Planning

Your North Star


Brand Heart

Category: Strategic thinking
Clearly defined goals and purposes translate into 'fluent marketing speak', align and give focus to all copywriting and messages.

Crafted Website

Category: Creative
From the Keystone results, craft an attractive, relevant website - from the outside in. Now armed with 'insider information', your website is stand out and catch the right attention.

Tailored Copywriting

Category: Writing
Well crafted, clear messages built to educate, inform, and solve, designed to resonate with the ideal prospect, garners the invisible 'vote' for your brand.

Sales Strategy

Category: Writing
From the Advisory Council, with an income planning target, sales determines what, who, where and how these will be made up of and allies marketing in generating the required leads to achieve these.

Marketing Strategy

Category: Writing
Authentic, factual and honest expression, without the fluff, is what people respond to best. Weaving curiosity into the content increases reach.

USP & Messages

Category: Writing
Following your 'golden thread', communicating your uniqueness, how you differ from your competitors, your core values and purpose shines through - you become the natural selection to do business with.

Design Shaping Outside Perception

Engaging, purposeful

& Creative content

Establish yourself as an authority, and through storytelling, keep a relevant audience engaging and following you. When prospects become customers, the magic happens. Word-of-mouth is natural and powerful. And so your tribe expands. Your vision aligns with theirs and they take ownership of your marketing content as their own. Brand ambassidors they are sometimes called.

The Practice

Develop compelling content that 'solves' your prospects problems, and practice headline writing, content writing - shaping how you express solutions in the language of the prospect. Learning to speak prospect and Google is an art.

Digital Marketing

The epicentre of your Marketing is your website. Get the balance of your digital marketing collateral right; your website, your actions sites, your landing pages, your social media, your email campaigns. It is your well-crafted website that establishes the confidence, credibility, and online reputation of your business.

Digital Synergy. Every element aligned, every message clear, every graphic carefully chosen, every headline crafted for attraction and interest - relevancy throughout. These elements create the want that ultimately 'sells you'.

"The essence of an entrepreneur is marketing, the essence of marketing is the message and the essence of the message is the value proposition".


Warm the Engines

Precisely briefed, design now crafts the perfect brand communications, messages, promotions and marketing collateral - all to ATTRACT and INTEREST relevant prospects. One primary tool the Marketer uses is SEO.

Optimizing page content to be 'attractive' to search engines means having the ability to speak Google and prospect. Essentially, this is strategicly planned content. Done right, this is a medium to long term strategy that will bring organic traffic to your site, continually.

Digital Promotions


Being Found is Relevant

Being found in the SERPs - Search Engine Results Pages - means your pages are 'rewarded' for being relevant, your site and its content is deemed 'authoritative' by Google and hence your organic ranking.

Being found on the first two pages of Google means you are doing it right. Working on your domain authority will influence this ranking. So will the favourable, relevant mentions from different high-ranking authority websites.

Building the Bigger Future

Capturing identities - building lists of prospects - puts a future of the company there. This is a key element that simply cannot be ignored. Everyone arriving at your site should be enticed to engage.

You have their attention, after all. Now encourage them to subscribe to something that will help or empower them - make better decisions, be bigger, better, faster more - that who and what they currently are.

Search Engine Marketing

Armed with the focused keywords, drive 'now prospects' to your landing pages to an action they can take right away. Capture their identities and email market to them, while forstering a relationship for future business.

This is developing a future to market into. This one action will assure future business continuity.

Social Media Marketing

Social presence and proof today plays its role and cannot be ignored. Whether this is improtant to you or not, others play in this space and will due dilligence here. Find your niche market, craft your messages, attract and interest them.

Rinse and repeat. Expand your sphere of influence, 'digital networking', link to influencers, reference, follow, and be found.

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