Capture Your Inside Reality

Know thyself and project purpose, intent, vision and objectives through clarity. Develop confidence, credibility and reputation.


Competitor Analysis

Know exactly what and who you are up against, find opportunities and innovate. Differentiate and strategize accordingly.


Profile Your Ideal Prospect

Focus and shape your energy, messages and attention on the right target. If you can define them you can find them.


Content Curation

Discover the 'energy' of your market, seek inspiration, added value opportunities, and round off your offerings.


Strategic Planning

Guide and align your communication in the correct channels for the relevant targeted audience with clarity and conviction.


Shape Outside Perception

The backbone of your marketing is copywriting with reality, shaping relevant messages, authentically influencing perception.


Design & Implementation

Art with purpose: create the impression that solicits relevant responses. Attract attention, capture interest and deliver the message.


Test, Improve, Scale

From results achieved, review, analyse and improve. Develop your blueprint. Now scale campaigns, repeat and review.

Define Your Edge - Differentiate

Clarity Trumps Persuasion

Today, having a digital presence is essential, and the balance needs to be right. Managing your digital marketing and brand can be a daunting task. How do you keep up? Get the basics of marketing right. The rest will align itself. These are the fundamentals upon which all else are built. Today, clarity trumps persuasion so it is all important to get your messages right, from the beginning.

In Pursuit of Workability

All activities are centered around finding the balance that aligns all forces towards maximum response and ultimately acceptance.

The Epicentre of Your Brand Presence

Get the balance of your digital marketing collateral right; your website, your actions sites, your landing pages, your social media, your email campaigns.

It is your well-crafted website that establishes the confidence, credibility, and reputation of your business that your customers will use to update themselves, tell others, and remain connected to you through.

Carry your brand messages through to your real world marketing so that one flows into the other. Digital Synergy. Every element aligned, every message clear, every graphic carefully chosen, every headline crafted for attraction and interest - relevancy throughout. These elements create the want that ultimately 'sells you'.

Contact and build a relationship before you start 'selling'. This gets people to know you, it develops the like factor, and builds trust, all in a safe space - theirs. Help, advise, share, teach and give. This is the form of outflow that builds goodwill which ultimately creates the reach. This is your 'magnetic element', and is part of the golden thread that people relate to. And when they reach, it will be decisive and with certainty. And the relationship built will be longer lasting too.

apple mockups

Fresh and authentic captures attention

The Golden Thread defines authenticity, creates magnetism!

Our Objective

To assist you in finding your 'truedge' by separating your company and offering from your competitors, to develop and shape your marketing message/s to your ideal prospects and invite them in, to generate leads and build databases.

Book a consultation (within 25kms of Fourways) or a Skype chat and let's see if we are a match for business.

People want to connect with like-minded people

Your authenticity and purpose will shine through and the decision to do business with you will come from clarity in your messages and your credibility established in the hearts and minds of your ideal prospects.
It will be their decision.

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